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Jan 29, 2020
2020 Wedding Season might just be the best season of all...also I love Fall...

Every year between Christmas, New Years and Valentine's Day there is magic and love in the air. So if you didn't get a puppy under the tree, you just might have been asked the most romantic question you've ever been asked. So now you are engaged and having to plan one of the biggest days of you and your loved ones lives. You start looking for key components that reflect your style and personalities down to the littlest of details.  As you are picking things like food and flowers and even your venue and favors many factors come into play like budget, taste, season, and availability but you probably already knew that, what you may not have thought about is your photographer. There is only one vendor, not even your planner, that will be by your side for every important second of your day, every tear, every smile, every look and every moment.  Your photographer will be with you more than even your mother or your best friend that day and that relationship should not be filled lightly.  You should pick a photographer that you like the style and look of their work they produce but also someone that you would want to be apart of every moment of your big day. As a photographer I understand the importance of my position at a wedding, the connection I have with the bride and groom, the trust given to me to capture every detail, and years of experience to offer confidence and creativity. I always suggest a meeting before a bride and grooms commits to hiring me to be apart of their wedding because I want to make sure I am a good fit for them and so we can start our collaboration right away. I love to hear about the love stories, the unique to you planning and decisions, all the details and even the concerns. I am there every step of the way, I am a planner when you need it, a best friend, a bridesmaid, a mentor, a shoulder, a listening ear and a sounding board. This commitment I make to each and every couple fuels my personal connection and creativity for each wedding, which I hope comes across in my work I do for them. I give me heart and soul to each wedding I am privileged to be apart of, and my time invested doesn't end at the grand exit from the reception. I hand edit each and every image for weeks after the glow of the wedding day fades so the memories can last a life time.  Weddings are expensive, no matter what your budget is, I am here to make sure every dollar spent is remembered.

Let's grab a cup of coffee, let's share some stories, let's plan the wedding of your dreams.